Mblock Android App hardware keys


Hello, Is there any option to bind keys to action - when key ex. “a” is pressed the mbot is rotate left? On Pc Mblock5 version it is working normally - on android tablets this is greyed out, and after changing upload/live mode the button is working - but no reaction from key pressed. I tested this on pc-android86 devices where there is real physical keyboard. Thanks


Hi szyper,

Currently the mobile mBlock app doesn’t support this block function, I will report to our software team and see if there is plan to add it.
Regrarding to upload mode,live mode on mBlock APP, actually it doesn’t support upload program to mBot though there is a switch option.


Ok, thank you.
The scenario is similar to the PC mblock application.
Let’s imagine that some kid is sitting in front of the tablet with usb keyboard connected.
Open mblock app and control the mbot with the WSAD keys (up,down, left, tight) - in the same manner that you could do with PC app - what is the difference - only the capture of keys.
Please add this functionality if it is not a big deal?



Hi szyper,

We have reported this requirement, but sorry that currently there is no such plan.
The keyboard on the mobile phone is virtual, unlike the computer, you can just press it on the page. On the mobile phone, you cannot open the keyboard without an input box which increase the development complexity. Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion.