Mblock 5 with smart servo MS12



I have some trouble with Mblock5. I haven’t all the block than in Mblock3. Like the return of angle, etc…
I had the “maker’s platform” extension, but i don’t have the same choice than others:
It’s the last version, i download it yesterday.



Yes not all the functionality has been wrapped up in a mblock5 block. I have had to create a few of my own custom blocks to use some of the functions smart servos have. I created it using the extension builder center then wrapped up the ardunio libiaires on the makeblock githbub


Thanks, How it is possible to have it?


First there is already rotate to a position

Second if you want to know all the smart servo fuction you can see them on make block github here https://github.com/Makeblock-official/Makeblock-Libraries/blob/master/src/MeSmartServo.cpp

Make block also have a tool to wrap any code up on a mblock5 block see here https://ext.mblock.cc