mBlock 5 web version supports 2.4g connection since 27th, Sep, 2019


Hi all,
Good news~
Last Friday, we updated mBlock 5 web version (mLink) and now it supports:

  1. 2.4G connection for mBot;
  2. add live mode for Arduino uno and Mega2560
  3. more extensions for Arduino uno.

    Welcome to download mLink version and use it. By the way, 2.4g connection will supported mBlock 5 (client version) when we release mBlock new version.


I want to use mblock 5 in the Chrome browser with the iPad. The connection to the mbot is easy. When running the program, mblock 5 requires a web driver. How can I install it on the tablet iPad? Regards Wolfgang


Hi wowagner,
If iPad, we recommend you to use mBlock5 app.
You can install the app to your iPad.


Hello, no chance with mBlock5 and Chrome? That would make you in the whole world of mBlock (publish, etc.) Regards Wolfgang


Hi wowagner,
Actually the mlink driver only supported to windows,Mac and Linux.
Not for iOS, you can check the details about mLink from here.


Is there an update for the Linux version as well? I can only see version 1.2 in the download section, with no support for bluetooth or 2.4G.


Hi halol,
For linux, only version V1.2.0


Any chance to see a new version for Linux sometime soon, with support for Bluetooth and 2.4G?


Hi halol,
Actually there is no update plan at the moment for mlink on linux.


Any way to submit an enhancement request then?

Support for Bluetooth and/or 2.4G is really important. For me the absence of this feature is even a show stopper. Beside, the fact that the feature is not available for Linux is not documented anywhere. So I ended up buying the 2.4G dongle for nothing (in fact the entire mBot robot, since without a cable-less connection it is not fit for my purpose).

Would be really nice to have this implemented on Linux…



Oops, I hadn’t thought of this problem.
The 24 PC under Win10 and I started to convert under Ubuntu.
mLink works but I had not tested my mBots …

This is really a problem … I have a super nice Linux environment easy now, but no mBot is 2.4

It is a problem …


Yes Crackel,
2.4G connection is not supported on linux.
Hope you can understand.


I understand that from a business point of view, Win10 is the preferred choice. However, when we talk about openness and having an education product, we have to look wider. The mBot 2.4 was not in your plans for the mLink and we insisted.

You can look for an mLink version with 2.4. Usually, porting part of the code is less difficult to carry out than development unless there are major constraints. He wouldn’t officially support it, but he would one day become one.

The main reason for my transfer to Linux is that I have a lot and that they are used 2-3 weeks a year. Conclusion: Windows updates are endless …

Keep us posted, maybe a patch could be made for Linux … We trust you …


Ok Crackel,
The future is unknowable.
Maybe we will support 2.4G connection on linux in the future.


Mlink for mobile devices would be nice. The mobile app lacks a few key features for my work.