Mblock 5 user clod message



I cannot use the user cloud message with mblock 5 and codey rocky.
When I use the user cloud message with sprites and I looked at the python code being generated I see a remark only not implemented.
I don’t see it is actually sending a message in the python code.
Anyone can help me?




I am not sure I understand your question but I will try this answer.

Here is the Python API to send a message using the Cloud (you must log in with an mBlock account).

> codey.upload_mode_message.broadcast(‘message’, ‘Bye’)

The instruction is wrapped and du will not be able to see the implementation of the instruction. You can use it but not see how. Maybe Makeblock put the source somewhere public but on my side, that’s all I can do for you.

I hope it helps a little.


The thing is sending a user cloud message through the sprites is not working at all.
When I drag the send user cloud message block I don’t see any code being generated behind the scene rather then remark saying not implemented yet.

Can you explain to me how it works?
Am I doing something wrong?
I prefer for now not use python code but blocks for my 5 years old kid.



Here’s how :

  1. To transmit messages through the Cloud, you need an mBlock account and be connected with mBlock.

  2. The Sprite and the device must add the extension: Upload Mode Broadcast available in all makeblock devices. So it is possible to use 14 PCs and 14 devices for a lot of fun.

  3. Then put the code in the Sprite and the error that is always made is as follows: The infinite loop is required, otherwise the sprite will stop waiting.

  4. Next, put the code in the device. Here, I also put an infinite loop for my pleasure but you could have put everything in: when Codey start up.

I remain available for other questions.