mBlock 5 support for Ultimate 2.0 & add-ons



I am grateful that mBlock 5 added the Ultimate 2.0 to the list of supported devices :slight_smile: I have been looking forward to it for a while, and I am glad for the progress!

Here’s a snap of what sensors and motions are available:

Clearly it includes the sensors that come in the box, but how about other makeblock sensors? I have also purchased the electronic add-on pack and I’m curious about how I could add these to my projects. They were available in mBlock 3:


Hello @tech_support ,

There is already an extension available for the Ranger (auriga) and for the mBot (mcore), which supports the above items:
image image

Since the megapi also supports these devices, link, could this extension be added to the Ultimate 2.0, please? The same blocks could be used over again! As I see, the only modification required is the header importing:
#include "MeMegapi.h"


We’ll check with the product manager, thank you for your feedback.