mBlock 5 studied in depth


At last everyone - the best ever guide to mBot and mBlock 5 - ‘mBot and Me’.

You need to download this (free) from:


feedback on it appreciated
Lindsay Rooms


Excellent resource Lindsay - a real work of passion and dedication. Well done


There is very little left to add. Great work


Hi Lindsay, would you be able to provide me a link to your Mbot and Me pdf? It seems as if the available link at https://static.education.makeblock.com/mbotandme.pdf does not seem to be available. I’d love to read what you put together.

Thank you in advance!


Hi Noah @noahrothgaber

Using that link, you have to look in the “mBot” section, This link should take you directly there:

Beware, when I have tested downloading from this before, my antivirus shows that
static.education.makeblock.com uses an unsupported protocol and that the site is not safe but if you ignore any similar warnings then it does download safely.

Just tried it again and Makeblock Education seems to be totally messed-up - it shows:

This site can’t provide a secure connection static.education.makeblock.com uses an unsupported protocol.



P.S. If you private message me with your email address I’ll attempt to send you a compressed .pdf file.


I can’t access the link at all either. Perhaps you should share the PDF on a file sharing platform so people can access it (unless you don’t want it that available to the public, which I can understand). @CommandeR :slight_smile:


@Best_codes Yeah - I don’t want to share it that way. What has happened to Makeblock Education - can you find out anything from any of your sources?

My open-source ‘freebie’ books ‘mBot & Me IV - The Ultimate Challenge’ and ‘mBot & Me V - The Coding Adventures’ which I have featured several times in this Forum were given to Makeblock Europe ages ago, and they have still not so far been added to the Educational Resources pages - why not? Come on Forum users -complain to Makeblock.


Lack of maintenance, I guess. makeblock was supposed to be working on community engagement this year, but they do need to do some work on their site. They’ve been very focused on the new version of mBlock IDE and not on the resources that much. :frowning:
@CommandeR I will ‘complain’. :slight_smile:


Interestingly enough it worked for me when I attempted to download on my phone, but no matter the browser I was unable to download on my PC.


@noahrothgaber Phone browsers don’t usually care so much about security like PCs do, so it probably just went ahead and loaded the page despite the strange protocol. :man_shrugging:


Hi Noah

Well done! I hope it was worth the effort.



@CommandeR I know there might be some more people looking for your resource soon (like https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeBlock/comments/1d0ykx3/step_by_step_guide/), so hopefully mBlock gets that fixed!


@Best_codes - Thanks!