mBlock 5 - Self Balance Program



I am a classroom teacher who teaches in an environment where students all have their own personal laptops, both Windows and Mac. Due to this, I have to use USB connectivity and upload mode.

I am trying to adapt the following guide to work with my situation.

I cannot find the Firmware/default program for the self-balancing robot anywhere in the online IDE for mBlock 5.

Where can I find this code?

Thank you.


I have made a program that is stabilizing the nervous bird. It can also be set to move the bird around and avoid walls etc. Do you want the code ?


Yes please!


Do you want whole code or just a code that keep the balance ?
I can make a parameter that can just keep balance if you want.
The move around code is not perfect yet. A bit sensitive to battery level.
Another thing: I just have c-code version. Hope its ok for you.
You can paste the code into mBlock c-code section also and upload from there,
I use a arduino-plugin in Visual Studio. Very good for debugging. Have you tried it ?
The code also compile in the Arduino editor if you have installed the drivers correctly.


Just balance is okay. Thank you!


OK, I will prepare program tonight and send you


How should I send it to you ?


Can you share a txt file of code with me?

I will paste the code over.


Do you have an GitHub account so I can share my code from there, or can I send on email ?
I will not share my code here in public


I sent a message to you with the code


When you are ready I can send you info about two parameters you must set to make the bird balance correctly


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