Mblock 5 + chromebook + 2.4 G


I’d like to know how it is possible to connect my mBot on mblock 5 via wifi usb stick (2.4 G) when using chromebooks.
When I try to connect them, mblock 5 proposes only a connection via USB that is not at all what I want for my students.

Thank you



Makeblock announced support for mBlock-5 for 2.4G after a lot of insistence from the community (It happened in Windows).

However, I haven’t heard the announcement for Linux and Chromebook. I have Ubuntu and am looking forward to it. Maybe the m-link2 version is compatible but I didn’t have time to try it.



We need a response from Makeblock. Is Linux going to support 2.4G?


due to your mBot is 2.4G module,you can only use USB for connection on Chromeboook,if you want to use Bluetooth to connect,you need to change the 2.4G module to Bluetooth 4.0 and use accordingly Bluetooth dongle on chromebook,then you can connect mBot with your Chromebook via Bluetooth.


Currently Linux dones’t support 2.4G,we may develop it in the future,pls note


This solution is relatively expensive to replace several mBot 2.4. I remember that there was the same discussion when version 5 of mBlock was released on Windows. It took several months of reminder on the forum but Makeblock listened to the community and added the functionality.

Currently I have 20 PCs running Windows 20 and 1 running Linux. I would like to upgrade the 20 PCs to Linux but this feature is missing. Updates on Linux are easier. I’m just waiting for Makeblock to develop 2.4G on Linux and the migration will only be a while (not $$$)


I will feedback your willings to internal team,will update to you once get any update news