mBlock 3 extension "encode" section


Hi! I try to create an extension for mblock 3 for my own robot. I’v read mblock_extension_guide.pdf. But in mBot extension source there are “encode” section:

[“w”, “%m.direction at speed %d.motorvalue”,“runBot”, “run forward”, 0,

What does mean this section and {d0}{s1} params?


Hi fed_invisible,

We’re glad you ask for help and reach out to us. Currently, we might not be able to provide technical support for mBlock 3 since mBlock 5 is more powerful with more features. We sincerely hope that you could choose mBlock 5, with the Extension Builder we provided: ext.mblock.cc

Different from the way of developing extensions in mBlock 3, the Extension Builder allows you to develop extension visually for tons of devices and even sprite extensions via JavaScript. If you’re developing Arduino Extension, there is a quick template in the extension builder for you to start your journey.