Mblock 3.4.12 64 Bit update/


MacOS Catalina has officially been released and is the first macOS to no longer support any 32-bit apps… this poses a problem because mblock 3.4.12 is a 32 bit program… Will mblock 3.4.12 be getting reworked to be a 64 bit application?


Hi AndrussB & ginobale,

I am sincerely sorry that I got incorrect info previously.
I have double confirmed with our engineer, unfortunately, it is true that mBlock3 doesn’t supported by the MacOS Catalina.
Currently, there is no plan to develop a 64bit mBlock 3 software. But we will develop a 64bit mBlock5 software, please keep an eye on it. Here is the link for downloading current mBlock5 software. Or you may use the web version mBlock5 temporarily.


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