Many downloads from makeblock site are failing. Anyone else?


New to MakeBlock site (although experienced programmer, preparing to teach a summer camp to kids).

I’m finding that many download links are failing. Just one example: under Makeblock Products / Starter Kit / FAQs for Starter Robot then click on link “FAQs for Starter” near top. Result is an error such as this (varies by browser used):

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.

Then click link “Learn website for starter” a little lower and it displays a page in Chinese. Translated to English, it’s complaining about an ICP filing. Many, many pages on the sub-domain respond the same. What gives? Is this typical?


The Makeblock staff is on a national holiday. They should be back by early next week and will hopefully address these issues.


Hello PyroFlick,
Thank you for your feedback, as we have updated the server and I will check and update as soon as I can.


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