Makeblock Stepper Motor Disable


Hi, we use on Arduino Nano Me Stepper Driver and a step engine.
We want when the movement team is executed to write the Mystepper.disableoutPuts () command;
But the motor is still holding a position. Food enters it. What are we doing wrong? An object of AcceelStepper Mystepper is announced (Accelstepper :: Driver, 9, 8); in Setup Mystepper.setenablepin (4); Specify PIN for EN. In the code we use mystepper.disableoutPuts ();
We also added, but the motor is kept still. Mystepper.Setpinsinverted (false, false, true);


We decided we used the sleep pin. And Mystepper.Setpinsinverted(false, false, false);


And when you connect to RJ25 to MeOrion, then there is no output to SLP? There are two NCs there. Do they lead anywhere? Can I solder from one NC to the SPL output on the board?



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