Makeblock Megapi Encoder/DC Motor Driver 1.0 pin translation


Can i get the pin names that would correspond to this encoder?

MegaPi Encoder Pins


I have sent the schematic of the driver to your email for reference, hope it helps.


so Is Bo1 and Bo2 correspond with Motor + and Motor - ?
With 12 volt power supplied i am reading 12v out of those two pins.
5volts out of 3 and 4
and just a trace out of Net1 Net 2 so those are the Hall Sensors?

thanks for your help!
Kevin Leeser


Here is the information of Makeblock Megapi Encoder that we can only offer:
As you wanna use it together with non-makeblock product, I am afraid you have to explore and test by yourself.


can you send me the schematic of the driver too?



Hi MichaelT,
Already sent you the schematic of makeblock Megapi Encoder/DC motor driver via email again.


Sorry I did not receive any mail from makeblock.
Can you send it again?



Hi MichaelT,
We sent it to and sent it again.


Hi Tech Support
I am MichaelT and not 3ALARM. Because of that I have a different mail address.



Hi MichaelT,
Sorry, I put the wrong email address. Sent you now.


Just received it - thanks.


Hey Micheal T, what are you trying to do? i am just trying to wire up an encoder, and whille i can get it to spin, with the Motor +/- leads, i get not encoder info or spead control, and the driver sheild gets quite hot, already blew one up. Any assistance advice is welcome!



I want to connect the motor to a different driver (not from MakeBlock) and want to have some info about the motor and the wiring. MakeBlock seems not to have much info (see So I tried to gather every little piece I can get.


me too,
i have this guy from robot shop

And it just heats up the megaPi driver sheild no matter how i hook it up.
i did have luck running it with some AdaFruit motor driver v2.3 and a regular uno though.

a link to that adventure is over here


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