Makeblock mCreate P5010064 Laser Engraver Head


Hi there, I have mCreate 3D printer with add-on Laser Engraver Head.
The 3D printing nozzle is working perfectly but the engraver head doesn’t seem to be working properly, it engraves only sometimes and also estimates the time but takes many times longer than estimated.
I have tried to set up the focal length with a white piece of paper, both times it only engraved one and a half numbers on the paper. I am assuming from videos I have seen it should be engraving 1, 2, 3, 4 and then you pick the finest option.

Has anyone experienced this? Is is faulty or can I make an adjustment?
Many thanks


Hi SallieNZ,

From your description, I suspect it hasn’t been focused properly. When one and half numbers engraved during focus operation, usually we select the number which is more completed. According to the picture it is suggested to select 3 and then engrave an image to test the result.

Sometimes, does require to do focus many times to get the best one, [here is the explanation of the laser focus principle and share the manual focus]( 《Laser Head Focusing Principle》) to help judge to select the correct number during focus operation.

If there is any problem to understand the content or still problem after tried above,please send email to so that we can help you further in a quicker way.

Regarding to the estimated time, the actual required time usually is longer than estimated time, it does not accurate.


Hi Daisy
I have tried all the steps in the process you kindly shared.
I think I have got the focus optimised ok, I have repeated the focuses process over 20 times, I managed to get the number perfect, but it still misses bits out when I test engrave afterwards. See star picture.
I cannot do the last step in the process to use the serial debug tool as it requires a login and is also not in English language.
I think I might need to return the laser engraver head to the retailer for assessment?
Thanks, Sallie



Hi Sallie,

Okay, as commnucated in email, let’s check through video conference next tuesday.


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