Makeblock Mcreate 3d Printer issue


I have tried 4 different prints and the new printer has yet to finish a print. The first 3 prints just finished 3 quarters of the way done and said it was finished. The fourth print got 20 minutes from finishing and a warning came up saying that the nozzle was clogged and prematurely ended the print, even though the nozzle was clogged. Not only this, but when I slice a print in Cura, with the Makeblock plugin, the print will give a time for completion but the print will take almost double the time. All in all, I just got this printer in a week ago and have had nothing but issues. Anyone come across these things or have any ideas. I haven’t had any luck with support, and all in all, this has been a very disappointing issue. Any help would be much, much, much appreciated.


Hello Lfranz, sorry about the inconvenience. Please send your SN code and order information to , we will create a ticket for you to solve the problem.


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