Makeblock ipad V3.9.0 - forever loop in the coding control section missing


I am coding via an iPad (2) software version 15.8 model name iPad Air 2, the iPad Makeblock iPad application is V3.9.0, when creating code for the mBot, I am surprised not to see in the control palette, the forever instruction. Can you please explain.


Can you explain the exact app you are using? Is it the makeblock app or the mBlock Blockly app? Because the mBlock Blockly app should have the blocks you need.


I am using the makeblock app.


@royam0820 Alright. Can you try the mBlock Blockly app instead?

Good luck!


OK, I will try, thanks


No problem! Let me know how it goes, @royam0820.


Ok! it is a bit frustrating because I had a all bunch of code for makeblock from 4 years back and it seems that I need to recreate them on the mBlock Blockly … anyway, thanks for your help and support.


:slight_smile: No problem! Let me know if you need help with anything else.