Makeblock Bluetooth Controller Orion


Using Orion board and ME Bluetooth module connected to port 5. Also have Makeblock bluetooth controller with joysticks and button. Using latest version of mblock version 5. I have programmed mbots (mcore w/builtin bluetooth) and rangers (auriga w/builtin bluetooth) successfully using the white bluetooth controller made by Makeblock.

mblock code is written using bluetooth controller extension and orion device.Initially got past apparent problem with bluetooth module connected to orion when uploading code. Serial port shared by usb and bluetooth? Connected bluetooth module after successful upload. Cannot pair bluetooth controller. Blue light on bluetooth module blinks goes solid then blinks. Pressing bluetooth push button on bluetooth controller causes blue light to blink but nevers connects.

Does Makeblock’s white bluetooth controller work with ME bluetooth module connected to an orion board?


The makeblock bluetooth controller spec says it supports bluetooth version 4.0+ The me bluetooth module spec says it supports bluetooth version 2.0, 3.0, ad 4.0. Should work correct? Connect? I am not trying to connect orion and me bluetooth module to PC,