Makeblock app problem on ipad pro 12.9


I use the makeblock app on a iphone and on an ipad pro 12.9. On the iphone i can create for the ranger a new controle panel. The app on the ipad pro does show the picture create but does not open a new controle panel.
Is this know as a bug in de combination ipad pro 12.9 and the app. On my iphone it works great.

Regard Jan.


Hi Ducatifool,

We will update a new version Makeblock APP which will solve this issue. Please kindly keep an eye!


Thanks for the update. It works perfect. Respect how fast you solved the problem.

Please change in the next update the fact that the app,is working upside down. When you start the app on every ipad you have to turn the ipad upside down.




Hi Ducatifool,

Glad to hear that it works!
For the other issue, here we tested it on the iPad, there is no need to turn the iPad upside down.
Could you try lock screen of your iPad, then open the Makeblock APP have a check.


If you use an ipad in a case then the homebutton is at your left side. With or without the screenlock all the apps open and can be used without turning the ipad 180.
If i i use the ipad with the homebutton at the left side, and open makeblock, it wil show up upside down and i have to turn the ipad 180. It is my only app that wont rotate on the ipad. Tested this on ipad air, ipad pro 9 and 12.9 inch.
The app works fine if you have the homebutton at the right side. Same thing on a iphone.


Hi Ducatifool,

Here we tested the makeblock APP with the iPad’s homebutton at left side, but still doesn’t appear such issue.
You may take a video to show your operation and the phenomenon and send to via pCloud transfer website.