M-Bot level5.5


I am currently using the m-bot in an education setting. I am having difficulty gettting passed level 5.5. I have entered a variety of different controls in different orders but still it is not saying it is correct. Below is the information about the level and the input I believe to be correct. Many thanks in advance!

Task: tell the m-bot to move forward and turn left for one second until there is obstacle ahead.
Controls I’m entering: 1.keep moving forward. 2 turn left for one second 3. Wait until 4. Obstacle ahead


Hi m.creed,

I don’t know in which language your difficulty is, but in French there is a problem with the meaning of the sentence. Here is the solution:


@Crackel and @m.creed, what is level 5.5 in reference to? Is this something that regular non-educational folks have access to?



I’m not sure I understand your POST as my English is terrible. I presume the difficulty was understanding level 5.5 in the mBlock Blockly app. The application is an application to gradually discover block programming with mBot and the Ranger.


@makeblock.lindingxin, I wasn’t aware that the Blocky app existed, but it seems like something that might help a lot with teaching my son the basics. Unfortunately, we don’t have a tablet, only a PC. Is it possible to use the Blocky app on Windows?

If it is not currently possible to use the Blocky app in Windows, it would be very neat to port it to PC/Mac and offer it as a “course” or a “tutorial” in mBlock 5. Just a suggestion!


Hi AskMyDog,

This is a good application but it is not available. However, I believe that Microsoft will add with Windows 11 the possibility of installing Android applications. It will remain to be seen whether Makeblock will do what is necessary for Bluetooth.

P.-S. I would like him to expand the experience for Codey Rockey and Halocode