Lubricating the runners


@tech_support how often do you recommend lubricating the stainless runners on the Laserbox? and what should I use?



Hello Finishingtouchtx, we recommend to lubricating the rails every two weeks. Please make sure to use rust-proof liquid lubricating oil


Sorry to jump in, but is there a list of recommended maintainance for Laserbox?


Yes, please check at


how often should these procedures be done, is there a list?


It usually depends on how often do you use the machine, and the workload it runs. Also, for different maintenance procedure, the suggested frequency would also vary.


Hey @tech_support I have been following the procedures to keep the machine clean and maintained, but this last few days on occasion the laser head is sticking and then jumping on the rail, causing the job to fail. What would be causing this? The runners are clean and lubricated as per the recommendations.


Hi Finishingtouchtx, in this case, please take a video then send to , as well as following information of Laserbox software version(if it’s not the latest, please update and try again), screenshot of the device information page(Setting-Device-Firmware), SN code, order information, etc. We will open a new ticket for your case and help you via email until it’s fixed.