_loop() code not inserted(generated) when using mBlock5 Extension


We made our robot-kit (arduino nano) mBlock5 Extension, and we used it for 1~2 months without problem.
Recently we used mBlock and found robot-kit is not working correctly any more, and we found that mBlock did not generated/inserted our defined code for loop() function in Extension Builder panel. (refer to below image)

I am not sure… but I think, may be after mBlock is updated, this problem happened.
Anyway, please check why _loop() code is not generated at all.
Thank you very much in advance.

Testing mBlock5 Extensions:



you can go to this link to download the video,and follow the steps in the video to fix the loop issue.


Thanks for the quick response video guide!
I solved our problem easily.
Thank you very much !!


Hey Paradev,
Can you please post the solution, I am struck in same issue