Loading mblock programs to the mbot


Hi, I can’t find how to download simple program code from makeblock to the mbot. I’ve got the mbot connected to my windows laptop via USB and the laptop recognises the new device (the mbot) at com5 BUT (and this may be part of the issue) the device at com5 is not being displayed by the laptop in file Explorer.

Am I right to think that I should be able to see the mbot device in Explorer and then drag and drop my program (a very simple test program) onto the device in Explorer? Or is there another way to download / install my test program onto the mbot via the USB cable?



No you will not see the bot in file explorer.
The function to upload to the bot is part of the mBlock program.

Check page 12 in the guide pdf on this site:



HI Andreas, thanks for your post. I’ve now understood how this works thanks to another of your posts that I found a couple of hours ago, i.e. that if we do download a program to the mbot, it’ll ‘overwrite’ the default programs that it came with (but which can be restored) and that the idea is to control the mbot from another device, either a PC (laptop in our case) by USB or Bluetooth, or from a phone via Bluetooth.

So, thank you for that other post as well!
Another question though. At the moment I can’t see the mbot as a Bluetooth device from my laptop (Windows). The mbot is my son’s and he built the bot out of the box and tells me that the Bluetooth board is in. I believe him (!) and can see a blue light flashing which suggests that it’s working. Can you advise how to confirm that Bluetooth is working on the mbot? If it is, the issue is with my laptop not recognising the mbot as a Bluetooth device.



Did you try the steps on page 8 of the guide pdf?
Sometimes you need to restart the mBlock program to allow bluetooth connection to work, especially after you used USB connection.

Also you can verify if the bluetooth module on the mBot works by using the apps Makeblock or mBlockly on a iOs or Android device.


Ok, followed your advice Andrewa, with the following results. Can’t connect from PC any of the phones in our house, i.e. windows, Android, but PC WILL connect to next door neighbour’s Fire TV tablet… Not sure what OS that’s running.

Also,i’ve confirmed that Bluetooth on the mbot IS working, by connecting a couple of phones (Windows and an Android phone).

Tried restarting the mbot too, but issue seems to be with Windows 10 OS (that’s what’s on my laptop and phone). I read in the guide.pdf that ‘this function is still unstable and is not guaranteed to work in every computer.’ The guide goes on to explain why.

So, it seems that it’ll not be possible to control the mbot wirelessly, at least not from my PC. Coding on one of the phones will be a pain I think.

If you have any suggestions to overcome the Bluetooth issue i’ll follow them up.


It works perfectly on my Win10 laptop, but that might differ from PC to PC.

Just some generic advice

  • you might try to upgrade the bluetooth device driver
  • you might try a USB bluetooth dongle instead of using the built-in bluetooth … they are not expensive


ok thanks. I’m looking into whether I can upgrade the driver but failing that I’ll try a dongle. Thanks again for your help.