Load self made extension



I’ve created a extension, yesterday i had issue to load it in mblock, but finally it worked.
Today i’m trying again, i get the message file wrong format.
The file was just downloaded from the extension builder.



Hi karizre,

did you just try to drag the extension into the web IDE directly? That is the correct way to load an extension into the PC IDE, but not for the web IDE. To load it in the web, you don’t have to download it in the extension builder. You could just click the “preview” button to load it.




if i want to share the extension with someone who will use it in the web ide ?


Hi karlzre,

At this moment when you’ve finished your extension and want to share it with someone else. You could submit it for review to publish it.

Simply do this:

click “publish new extension”, and then input your extension ID, choose the extension shown up, write the version description for a few words, and then click “OK”. Our staff will review it every week to publish it or reject it if it has some fatal defects (normally we do not reject extensions).

Make sure to check the following options:

please only check Web IDE for the supported platform of your extension at this moment.

please only check the version 5.0.2 in the supported Version of mblock at this moment.

Hope we could see your extension soon!