Live mode for custom extension


Hi, I had created some extension and devices for mBlock, how to use or enable the live mode ? So that user can utilise the live mode option for my extensions.


Hi Bhavi, please tell me the name of your extension and its suitable device, best with a screenshoot and we will help you to check


All the device and extensions under name bhavithiran97.
The extensions supports for arduino uno and arduino nano


I just checked all the extensions will work in both Upload and Live mode(the blocks will turn gray if not supported), please check again.


Where can I find your exentions ? What are their names?
Did you add inpu_pullup blocks too ?


Can I ask you something about that extension?
I suppose it’s the ‘cytron maker uno’ but in my case it’s not working in live mode.
Can you help me?


We also tried it can’t be used in live mode. the block doesn;t turn gray in live mode, but still it can’t be used in live mode


As far as I understand, to enable live mode you have to add some code in the OnRun field.
Unfortunately I didn’t find any tutorial showing a sample with that field compiled, except for the hirotoko tutorial. But that tutorial does not work at all for me.

Another sample with live mode is mentioned in another thread but in that case there is no tutorial at all


Yes, we need to add some code to enable live mode. But don’t have any tutorial about it.


Hi, I trying to do something simple with an extension too, just adding a new device based on the arduino uno board but for some reason something like device.isUploadMode() and device.isConnected() doesn’t work I’m using a workaround where when the event is triggered it will save in a variable the state, but I can’t do the same for blocks, and I kind of find the documentation with live mode block lacking? if somebody could give a hand with this or point me in the right direction I will really aprecciate it, thanks!