Live Mode Configuration


I’m trying to add live mode functionality to my own device. I couldn’t find enough information about live mode in developer’s documentation. Can you recommend a reference about how to configure live mode to a new device?


A new device, what is the model?
Live mode means we can try to write and run the program online without upload it to the main board.
But before we try live mode, we have to update online firmware.
And currently we support live mode for only Makeblock hardware devices.


Hi @tech_support and all,
That means I can’t do a firmware for my device that support Live Mode?
Why this mode is limited to Makeblock hardware?
It’s a big limitation for me.

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Hi ,
I also looking to add the live mode for my device. please consider our request.



Will feedback that to the team.


That’s probably because Makeblock is a company selling this hardware. That is how they make their money, why should they invest in support for other devices which they do not sell?


Hi @Andreas,
Because I think is a good way for Makeblock for spread the platform all around the world



Hi @tech_support,
Thank you very much. We’ll waiting for the answer

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hey don’t you support live mode to non-original devices