List variable in upload mode


Variable type List is not available in ‘upload’ mode.
Is it something not supported yet? Missing list type variable is huge blocker for me.
Do you have plan to support this type any time soon?


Are you using mBlock 5 latest version 5.0.1?
What is your main board?
Could you give me the screen shot?


It is mbot 1.1 (mcore)
When I click ‘upload mode’ button, List variables turn grey.


Hi chanokim,
Here I made one screen shot in upload mode:

Variables can be used in Upload mode; List and below two blocks under variable can only be used in Online mode. That is normal that when it is not available in Upload mode, it is grayed out when enable Upload mode.

Here is mBlock help documentation: and under hardware devices, you can also get the mBot guides.


So, List is not available in Upload mode. This seriously limits MakeBlock’s ability.

Do you have any plan to support List in Upload mode any time soon?


Currently I am afraid there is no plan to add it. We’ll feedback to the team. Thanks for the feedback.
And may I know your exact application that need the list?



I had a similar inquiry and found this thread still open.
As for the exact application of list:

My idea was to have a pendulum in front of the ultrasonic sensor and store the distance in a list respectively.
Then I wanted to output a dot on the LED matrix display, corresponding to the measurements respectively, deriving the x-coordinate from the list-position and the y-coordinate from the measured distance.
This should - in theory - visualize the oszillation of the pendulum.