Linux/GPL/hacking/Open Source/privacy issues and so on


Hi, I got the Makerblock Halocode but was really disappointed by the fact that your Linux support is so limited. It looks like I have to install some unsigned binary on my machine, and open a webpage in chrome that is listening to some port via websockets on Localhost…a website that also has tons of tracking stuff and unknown Chinese servers? How are you dealing with privacy stuff, say like if a child under 13 is using this product and is being tracked with the heat map script that loads on

Anyway is there any way for me to code with the Halocode using open source tools, even if you do have proprietary firmware on it? I was shocked that even with your setup it says you still can’t code with Python with the weird chrome/websockets/random binary option on Linux.

If you are using GPL code, which for sure you are, I’d like to request a copy of the source code.

Have there been any Hacks for Halocode like using something to reflash the firmware? I noticed it was the same as the banana pi microcontroller.