Li battery shell and alternatives for power


Our school is planning to buy a few dozen mBot.
The only version with good availability here (Switzerland/Germany) seems to be SKU P1050015 (, usually called “mBot-S”. This version does not include a battery holder for a LiPo battery.


Hi, sorry, we have no battey hold sold in EU.


Thanks for the quick response.

Having cases for the LiPo batteries is fairly important for us, since these batteries have some inherent dangers.

Is the battery shell that’s included in the mCore Case (SKU 62450; compatible with the mBot Explorer Kits (SKU P1050015)?


Found another solution: Using a small USB powerbank.
The Intenso A5200 fits perfectly, and powers the mBot through the built-in USB port.
Performance is basically identical to 4 x Eneloop AA.

Additional advantages:

  • Easy to swap
  • Can be charged inside mBot or externally
  • LED indicator for charging state
  • Robust metal case
  • Higher capacity (5200mAh) than the LiPo that fits in the shell (1800mAh)
  • Actually cheaper than the LiPo

Only downside: The USB cable is quite big.


:rofl: Happy to see it


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