LEDS - CyberPi


Hi Makeblock,

Well done for the CyberPi with the Shield, it’s a good replacement for the Halocode. The possibilities are limitless. For graphic blocks on LEDs.

Can you look to increase the number of programmable LEDs? It is probably possible in Python but for the children, I have LEDS strips of 60. Perhaps put an instruction or one can enter a number freely.

Otherwise, I have this instruction but it bugged after limit 36.

With this addition, I will be very happy.


Hi Crackel, sorry that I just saw this post. After the discussion with PM, I’m afraid to tell you that we don’t have a plan to add more LED lights higher than 36. The reason is that taking all parameters into consideration, if the LEDs are more than 36, it will be bad to the battery lifespan, as well as the performance of CyberPi. Therefore we don’t plan to add the number of LEDs. Sorry about the inconvenience.



No problem on this response, I will cut my LEDS to 36 or lower. You can blocked the possibility in your editor or put a little explanation (MAX. 36)

Note: This is okay, I like to understand and I have no problem with the limitations. My favorite product was the Halocode for the possibilities, the CyberPI seems to go even further …

Thank you