LED Strip extension


I am trying to create an extension between the LED strip module and the LED strip itself. Can you please tell me what type of 3 pin connector I should purchase?



I don’t understand the need. Do you want to create your own led strips ??? if so, you want to put them on which hardware: Halocode, CyberPy, Neuron or Arduino. I have the connectors, you just have to tell me which one.


Hi, thanks for the response! I have the Orion board and the LED strip module (Me RGB LED). I’m interested in the white three pin connector that connects the module to the actual strip lighting (13404 & 13406) but I don’t know the name. It seems to have a very specific design that I’m having trouble locating online. Any help is greatly appreciated! I can upload a picture if necessary.


Hi Syllius24,

Ok, do you have a Makeblock LED strip (30 leds) like this?

The Orion card is able to work with LEDS strips but you need the Me RJ25 Adapter.

Here is the result :


Hi Syllius24,

Since I ignore the need here is some other information.

The connector to do this cables or a LED strip yourself:

LED strips WS2812 but there is a limit of 36 LEDS for the CyberPI and I will test a little later for the others (Orion, Halocode, etc.)

Otherwise, no one does just soldering because I’m not in the electronics business.

I am going on vacation so I will be less available and I will not be able to test anything … Good luck


That’s perfect! Thank you so much, I hope that you have a wonderful vacation and safe travels!


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