Lead in


It would be useful to have this feature since the laser leaves a mark where it punches through the material,and with lead in it has an extra starting distance so it doesn’t leave a big starting mark on the part you are cutting out.


@tech_support no reply regarding this one?


Hi Bleky,

“The laser leaves a mark where it punches through the material”, could you show me a picture with pointing out the mark left at beginning, then I can understand it clearly. Thanks!

Here I have tested cut one simple graphics, but didn’t find the mark you talked out.


It seems to happen when cutting acrylic,althrough lowering the cutting speed for around 1-2% doesn’t cause it so it must be that playing an important role? This is 4mm cast acrylic.


Hi Bleky,

Could you share your test file to us , we will have a same test.


I can’t really share that exact drawing but I do have a test file that has the same parameters like the design on picture (pretty much a circle with part on picture) if that could help?


Hi Bleky,

We will do a test with an acrylic. Meanwhile, it would be good if you can share the test file you mentioned to us.


@tech_support sent in PM.


Hi Bleky,

Here is our test with your test file on 4mm acrylic with default settings and it doesn’t have the mark. For the issue on your side, you may double check the acrylic you use is 5mm or 4mm when you did the test.


It is definitely 4mm,but it was probabbly a cutting speed issue since lowering the speed fixed it and the laser burn in mark is almost invisible.


Hi Bleky,

Anyway, glad to hear that it can be fixed.