Laserbox will not connect to Mac via USB


We are considering buying 3 Laserboxes and demoing one now. However, we cannot get it connected to a Macbook Pro (or any other Mac) via USB cable (with USB C connector). We’ve tried swapping cables but continually getting this error:

(Connection Failed).

This is quite frustrating and even our suppliers cannot fix. Please advise urgently as we only have this demo for 3 more days.

I’m running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 and running Laserbox software (latest).


Hi isbpanthers,

For the issue that the laserbox doesn’t connect to Mac via USB, please kindly check and try the points below:

  1. Make sure that you doesn’t use the a VPN or open the proxy on the mac;
  2. Please check if the USB driver has been blocked by the Mac computer refer to the FAQ 25in this link.
  3. This laserbox may have old firmware (which doesn’t support USB connection on mac), please connect the laserbox to a windows computer with USB cable, then upgrade latest firmware for the laserbox machine with laserbox 1.0.9 software. After the firmware upgrade success, there should be no problem to connect the laserbox to mac computer with USB cable.


Hi isbpanthers,

I noticed that you mentioned use the USB C adapter, are you able to connect directly wihtout the adapter. If this is not possible, I’d suggest that you use the ethernet cable instead.