LaserBox Wifi & USB issues


We have just had our LaserBox arrive. The seller didn’t seem all that comfortable selling it as they have had many issues they said.

Anyhow, it turns up. We have unboxed it an put it all together, much nicer than putting a K40 together I can tell you that.

The problem is, USB connection does not work. We have tried on 3 different computers (OSX)

WIFI… No idea how this is ever meant to work as it would first need configuring.

Ethernet, this works. We have plugged it in to our network and we can not find it, however physically speaking this is not an option we need WIFI so it can go into a special place of our workshop. Once connected over ethernet how do I set up the WIFI settings on the device?



Hi there:

WIFI issues:

  1. Confirm whether the Laserbox software is up to date (Laserbox will grab the hot name of the win10 system to configure the cutting machine, but the hot name will have some escape characters, which will cause an error. This bug has been fixed in version 1.0.11);
  2. Check whether the WIFI name and password contain Chinese, Japanese and other languages; and other special symbols, it is recommended to only have English names and numbers;
  3. Whether it is a network similar to a shopping mall that needs to be verified, this type of network will also not be connected;
  4. It is recommended to choose a network with higher signal strength;
  5. Laserbox can only support 2.4Ghz network at present, and 5Ghz can’t support it;
  6. It may be a motherboard problem, the wifi chip is damaged, and the motherboard needs to be replaced

USB issues:

  1. Confirm whether to use the official USB data cable;
  2. When installing the software, close all anti-virus software and update the laserbox software and laser box firmware to the latest version. If the current computer cannot connect to the device to update, try to find another computer to connect; if there is no other computer available for connection, try to update with an SD card firmware;
  3. Close all circumvention software (100% cannot connect when the circumvention software is open);
  4. Wait for the machine to turn on. After the 6 ring lights are always white, then connect to the software (if 6 white lights cannot be turned on, it means the machine itself is abnormal), after the connection, there will be a beep, and the 6 ring lights will change. Blue
  5. Insert the USB before turning on the laser box, turn on the laser box, and connect to the host computer;
  6. Use a network cable to connect the device to the computer. If the Apple computer cannot be connected to the USB, you can use a network cable adapter to try to connect or use a windows computer to connect and configure a Wifi connection;
  7. If the above operations cannot be solved, try to install the driver
    Windows driver reference:
    Mac drive reference accessories;
  8. After the Apple computer is upgraded to the latest system Bigsur, because the SIP protection system is turned on, it cannot be connected. You can manually close SIP and try to connect again. The closing steps are as follows:
    a.Turn off your Mac (Apple> Shut Down)
    b.Hold down Command-R and press the Power button
    c. Wait for OS X to boot into the OS X Utilities window
    d.Choose Utilities> Terminal
    e.Enter csrutil disable
    f.Enter reboot
    g.Run the command on Terminal: sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/HoRNDIS.kext


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