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I am new to laser cutting and have a Makeblock Laserbox. I have a design I want to engrave part of and laser cut the remainder. Can I do this in one setup? Thanks.


I don’t have my work laptop with me right now so I can’t reference the exact location of the settings, but yes, you can set up a single job to engrave then cut. The default is orange to engrave and purple to cut.
I’ve not yet had any luck lining up my material properly to cut after an engrave job, so I try to get it all done in one job.
Basically, you control the power and speed of the laser with the color of the line you assign in the software. You can assign line color settings in the working tab. I found it super helpful to make a swatch board for each material I use regularly with a row of squares, one each color, each color assigned to a different power or speed and I used the text tool to engrave that setting under each square. They live on the wall near the machine for easy reference.

The more helpful videos were emailed to you when you bought your machine (for some reason mine went to my spam folder, so check there if you never got the email with the video links on cleaning and aligning your machine).

Good luck! As easy as the machine is to use on the surface level, it still has a learning curve, you’re going to ruin a fair share of wood before you get in the groove.


Hi Mar:

Thank you for your sharing and we’ll send the tutorial to him later


Thanks for the help. I am picking thru the tutorial little by little. The videos will be a great help.






Great! this is helpful, thanks for sharing.



Glad to hear from you have fixed this problem,if you still have any problem about laserbox free feel to contact with us,we’ll reply to you ASAP.


Thanks for sharing this tutorial.


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