Laserbox Software not saving layers



we have bought a Laserbox for our university lab and have some problems with the software.

When creating a model in the software with different layers (because svg layer import does not work) we can’t save the individual layers.

After exporting an object with 5 layers with different settings and opening the file again it only has two layers and the settings for those are wrong.

Is this a known bug and is there a fix for this?

Also as a lot of users have requested please make the Laserbox compatible with Lightburn.

Its a real shame that the software for such a nice machine is not really usable.

Kind regards



This is a workaround xTool support provided:

  1. Open the color block mode, edit the processing parameters of each layer, and export the file;

  2. Restart the Laserbox software and switch to flat surface mode;

  3. Click the import file button on the left, select the file with the modified parameters to open; do not double-click the file to open the software, open the software first and then select the file


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