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Hi there

Wondering if I can get a bit of advice for a newbie! I am creating files in Illustrator and exporting them out as DXF files, to import into the laserbox software for use on my shiny new laserbox pro.

As I understand it vector design is supposed to work as red = cutting, black = raster etching and blue = vector etching, but this does not seem to work in the laserbox software. Whatever I do, it always just imports by default as cutting, so then I have to go into design view and manually select fill, or select the items to engrave rather than cut, which is a bit of a pain.

Is there a way of importing from Illustrator in any format that maintains accuracy of the illustrator file and allows the cutting/raster etching/vector etching to be read by the software so I do not have to do it manually?

Also, I note that with Fonts in Illustrator unless I set outline and no fill I always get the 2 identical copies of the font when imported, one of top of the other, even if I create outlines, is this normal?

Thanks in advance!



Hi DaveR8,

For this issue, please see the explanation below:
Working principle of the laserbox software: the graphics drawn by some users have many small points and close small line segments, which are difficult to select and the import will also be very stuck. So the laserbox software will automatically merges some graphics that are not well selected, in which way, the software will not be very stuck.

Here is a work around for this problem:

  1. When draw the image, please draw different shapes in different colors in CAD software. For example, we can draw the part for engraving in black and draw the part for cutting in red. The save the image and when you load the image to the laserbox software, the part with same color can be selected and setted to cut or engrave.
    Here I paste two pictures help for explanation and also attached the test image.

Please note: for the interval between some lines is very small, even if different colors are set, these lines will still be treated as a whole and can’t separate these lines for engraving or cutting after importing to the laserbox.


For the other issue “Also, I note that with Fonts in Illustrator unless I set outline and no fill I always get the 2 identical copies of the font when imported, one of top of the other, even if I create outlines, is this normal?”, could you help take a video to show your operation during export the font in ai and then import to laserbox software, then we can understand the problem better, thanks!


Hi tech_support

Thanks so much for the replies, makes sense thank you.

I have made a quick screen recording to show you what I mean with the fonts.

It’s not a problem doing an outline instead, just wanted to ensure this is normal.

The video is on my dropbox here

Thank you



Hi DaveR8,

Thanks for sharing more info.
We will check it first


Thank you guys much appreciated! It’s not a major issue or anything just wanted to know if I was doing something wrong, happy to use it like that, I just found it a bit strange that’s all :slight_smile:


Hi DaveR8,
Could you share me that DXF Test file you use showing in the video to me?


Sure no problem here is the AI file and the DWF file in the ZIP file.

Thanks (155.2 KB)


Hi DaveR8,

Thanks for sharing the test file.
I have confirmed that this is not laserbox software issue. The fill can only be recognized in the proffesiona design software like CAD, AI and Solidworks can identify. When it is exported as a vector image, the fill can’t be identified by laserbox and also other kinds of non-professional drawing software.

You may use the following workaround and see if it helps: after importing the image to laserbox software, switch to design page and fill the letters you want to fill:


Ok that’s great many thanks for getting back to me, I shall do that!



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