Laserbox Rendering Issues


Hi all,

New user here. I’ve been playing around with some laser engraving text on 3mm basswood and coming across an odd outcome with certain letters using an Xtool D1.

Any “I” “t” “i” or “l” it engraves the outline, but not a fill - Notice the "I"s in INVINCIBLE being the most obvious - they’re also slightly raised from the baseline of the other letters. I’ve verified all the letters are under the same settings, multiple times, and also adjusted the font in my SVG to begin with. All of the SVG text input has been converted to paths and not raw text in Inkscape prior to moving over to Laserbox.

Wondered if anyone else has seen this anomaly?


This happens a lot in mBlock type SVG editors. I suggest that you design your image in PNG or Bitmap and then convert it to an SVG before you use it. Mention me as @Best_codes if you would like more help.

Thanks for your time,


@Best_codes thanks for your reply - I’ve exported the text as a PNG and then reimported it back into the SVG file, I’ll give it a test tomorrow and see how it goes! Once again, much appreciated!


Good! Let’s just hope it works! If not, there’s some other things we’ll have to try!


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