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First of all - Laserbox Pro Hardware ist great and gives a lot of opportunities.
Second, software: I am user of Lighrburn - this is a great software and very professionell - I kknow I can not use it in Laserbox!!!
I spend about 3 day now on trying and operating the export from LightBurn to dfx.
The problem is the import into laserbox software - the system is always destroying the elementorder (layers) of printing.
I found no logic, how to group in Ligthburn, so laserbox-SW can read the layers correctly. the system is always is mixing the orders of the drawing (also the layers). I tried to export extra-groups from Ligthburn - so I got 3 separate files, when I import to laserbox-SW - Laserbox are not cutting in the correct order.
There is no good documentation about layers in Laserbox-SW - how to change the layer-order.

We need in schools a good documented software - so we can start with Laserbox in Austria.
Is there a way or a plan to integrate LightBurn.
Once more - a perfect hardware but software???
Please help, that we can start projects in schools with Laserbox.


Hello, bachinger

Thank you so much for contacting us.

  1. Currently Laserbox pro does not support Lightburn, please click here and download the corresponding software;
  2. Laserbox software supports the following formats:

Any questions, please feel free to contact our after-sales team: with a video of the operation.
Best Regards,


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