Laserbox Not cutting on the right hand


Hi There

Anybody know how to fix the laser cutter, I have an issue that it is not cutting all the way through on the right of the plate.

Its fine on the left but it can not cut all the way through on the right hand side

I have cleaned lens and calibrated the machine a number of times and this has not worked

Its disappointing as I have purchased this for a school and it does not work properly

I hope someone can help rectify the problem


Can you share a detail video to our support Email:,I will be there to help you fix your issue.

To better lock of your issue,pls share below informations as well,this is import for us to record the issue:
1.SN number which pasted on the back of laserbox
2.Go to setting-help-check for updating to check the software version is V1.0.7
3.Go to setting-Device-Firmware to check if firmware version is latest,it’s better if you can share the screenshot.
4.Pls tell me when and where did you purchase it?so that we can contact with the distributor to support you accordingly.
5.Any abnormal behavior on your laserbox before occur this issue?