Laserbox Mac OSX Big Sur


My Laserbox was working fine yesterday with Wifi connection to my MacBook Pro running Big Sur but this morning my Macbook had restarted itself and now I can no longer connect to the Laserbox Wifi not connecting and USB not connecting. I need some help because I can no longer use the machine and its brand new.


Hello RegTaylor, in order to solve the problem, we need more information as below:

  1. Is your MacBook Pro using M1 chip or Intel chip as CPU?
  2. How was the Laserbox connected to Wi-Fi in the beginning? Was it running Big Sur at that time?
  3. Have you ever tried with USB connection on your Mac before? Can it be connected?
  4. Restart your Mac, then try to connect it via USB, tell us the result
  5. Have you tried on a Windows PC to test? If it’s convenient, please tell us how’s it going on a Windows PC

Waiting for your reply.


My Macbook is running an Intel chip.

The Laserbox was connected to my home wifi using it’s own wifi connection.

Usb has never worked with Big Sur on my Macbook. But USB and wifi both connect fine using my Mac mini running Catalina.

I tried restarting but still no USB or wifi connection.

I tried windows 10 running on my MacBook with parallels but not working either.

I have now connected the Laserbox to my router with an Ethernet cable, and my MacBook found it under Ethernet. I seems to be working fine.

It seems to me that the Laserbox program needs updating to work correctly with Big Sur, it seems that not all the authorizations are correct and Big Sur is blocking the inputs USB and Wifi.


I have 2 MacBook Pro’s running Big Sur 11.2 and a MacBook Air running Big Sur 11.3 beta, non of them can connect to the Laserbox by WiFi or USB.

My Mac mini is running Catalina 10.7 and it connects perfectly to the Laserbox using USB and Wifi.


Did you manage to resolve this? I am running Big Sur on an iMac and I kept losing connection. It turned out my router kept allocating a new IP address to the Laserbox each time it connected. I had to assign a fixed IP address in the end.


Hi RegTaylor, sorry that I missed this post and didn’t see your reply until now. Please send an email to so that I will send you a driver for Mac which you can install. This could solve most of the connection problem.


I have sent you an email as requested


Mail sent, please check your inbox. Feel free to contact us via email for a faster response :grin:


Does anyone know how to resolve the installation of the app on BigSur? Getting denied every time I try and ask to contact make block support, which is off until the 20th fo February.


You need to right click on the app then say yes for installing.


Did that… “laserbox-mac.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.


well, finally managed to install the app, now it does not connect via USB or wifi… guess I’ll have to stick with a PC for while.


Only way I found to connect by wifi using a Mac was to use an Ethernet cable between the LaserBox and my router then use the LAN option to search for it.


Hello guys, because of the security setting change in the latest MacOS, the connection protocols failed, but we are working on this issue, it could take some time. In this case, please contact your Laserbox to a Windows computer via USB, then configure the Wi-Fi information for Laserbox(SSID, password). Then you will be able to connect your Mac to Laserbox via Wi-Fi. Note that the SSID should be named with English letters or numbers, or combination of letter and numbers, no special character is allowed. @hseffenberger @RegTaylor