Laserbox & Glowforge power/speed settings


We are going to be using a lot of svg cut and engraving files off etsy for our business, but I’m noticing that almost all of these sellers use or are familiar with the glowforge setting. For example, if I ask a seller if they know the preset setting for a silicon engraving they give me the power/speed/lines per inch setting for that material, but for the laserbox these settings do not match. She told me the power would be 600/speed 65/ lpc 675. Is there a formula in order to convert glowforge setting to laserbox? There seems to be a ton of support on glowforge and almost feel regret in going with laserbox since there is a lack of things like material cut/engraving settings theres a ton for glowforge, but I guess if I can convert these number for laserbox all should be fine. Thanks!


Is there like no one out here that uses this machine or what?? This forum is the most dead forum I’ve ever used!


Hi Chris,

Sorry that currently we don’t have such formula. I will report your requirement to our product team to see if it is possible.

Actually, in the laserbox software, we have integrated the settings for tested materials. We will also try to add more in the future when we get more test data.


Every laser cutter uses different parameters to set the power, speed and DPI. I’ve used Epilog, HPC, and Glowforge laser cutters and they all have different settings. Although some manufacturers publish guides for different materials (and Makeblock have a small but useful library of materials in the software), in the main you need to experiment with settings for each new type of material you use as they all will have different properties.

Trying to convert from one manufacturers settings to another is not going to yield you any better results than trying to estimate the settings yourself from looking at the built in library of materials and making some test cuts etc.

For instance there is no setting in the Laserbox software for 3mm MDF which I regularly use but MDF is very similar to 3mm Pine and that setting worked fine for me - I only had to tweak the engraving settings slightly to reduce some burn.

I’d say spend a few hours making some test cuts and engraves and make notes and then add materials to the built in library once you have the settings that work for your particular material. You will even find you will have to tweak settings with different stock of the same material.

And yes this forum is not well used or known but hopefully that might situation might change with more users getting machines.

Hope that helps.



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