Laserbox first time usage


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Super excited to start working with our new Laserbox which arrived over the weekend. I’ve watched plenty of videos but can’t find a real in dept step by step first use. Non of the movies talks about the water tank.

When I was onboxing our Laserbox, I found a sticker next to the water tank which is very confusing saying “Fill the tank with pure water before use. Prohibit the use of pure water or other liquids”. On another maintenance video they are putting in anti freezing liquid.

Can someone advice please?



Already replyed your mail in support mail,here shared again:
1.You need to make pure water and antifreezing liquid should be mix completely,1.2L purified water with 1.6L antifreezing liquid,you can check on this link to get Precautions for Adding Antifreezing Liquid to Water Tank.

2.It’s better don’t use mineral water,because its ingredient will affect the power of lasertube.

3.For the antifreezing,it’s better to use food grade antifreeze.

4.It’s better to remove out the liquid from the tank if you will have a long time transportation for the laserbox.

5.The mixed water and antifreezing liquid is for cooling laserbox,add antifreezing liquid is to avoid the cooling system get freezed in the cold weather.and this mixed liquid also won’t affect the power of laser-tube.


So sorry! I had send the e-mail prior signing up to the forum.
I’ll centralize everything via this medium.

Thank you for your swift reply. I appreciate your help!
Regarding the water, very clear, I’ll source purified water. Two more questions;

  • As we are using the machine in Kenya where the average day/night temperature is about 28°C, do we still need antifreezing liquid or can I only use purified water?
  • How often do you suggest to change the water/cooling liquid?