Laserbox [Endless Waiting]


The laserbox is no longer receiving any input from the Laserbox software.
We were working with it today, but now every projects we submit from the Laserbox software to the Lasercut is always in a sort of waiting status and we can no longer use the laserbox.
I already used a different PC and reinstalled the software. Both PCs in previous days were working.

How can I proceed ?


Laserbox sw version 1.1.3
laserbox firmware version 023.00-…


We were connected through a USB cable. I’ve just identify the laserbox using the Ethernet cable (and removing the USB cable), we are connected to the laserbox, but we are experiencing the same endless waiting problem.

One file that is not able to analyze for example is this oneGIACOMO (7.2 KB)


Hi MarcoV,

I have just tested the image you shared and several other image on my computer and meet the same problem.Since there are too many files on my computer, the computer has less storage space.
Then I tested with another computer which has plenty of storage space, and it works properly and very fast. So I wonder how about the storage space left on the two computers you tested? You may free up some storage space on the computer have a try?
Besides, if you just design a simple circle on laserbox software, is there still the same issue?