Laserbox doesn't cut through 6mm plywood


I am using my Laserbox with a lot of fun, but have an issue when cutting 6mm wood. It doesn’t go through. More even: I can’t even see small cuts on the back. I’ve got it at 100% and 10% speed, nothing. Even with 5 passes, it still doesn’t show anything. What am I doing wrong?


Hi klaask,

Does this issue happen suddenly? When did you purchase the laserbox machine?
Besides, what’s kind of the wood material do you use?
How about test cutting the official 3mm basswood with default cutting settings?

If the machine has been used for a period of time, please clean the lenses since the lense dirty will interfere the laser power.Here is the video guiding clean the focus lense and reflective lense of the mahcine.


Thanks for the reply. The 3mm basswood works fine, as well as acrylic and other thinner materials. I now cleaned all lenses: still nothing. Did notice that the final screw to move it on the Z-axis, was not entirely turned, so did that now, but still it only cust to half way. :frowning: Quite annoying…


Hi klaask,

You mentioned the phenomenon “the final screw to move it on the Z-axis, was not entirely turned, so did that now”, could you help take a video to show the operation and this phenomenon, let’s check if it is the cause.
Besides, could you decrease the speed (like 7%, 4%) and test cutting a circle on 6mm plywood have a try?

Btw, may I know where and when did you buy the machine?
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Hi Daisy, at 4% it also doesn’t work. :frowning: I will mail you a picture and video, thanks for the help!


Hi Klaask,

Okay, got it, just have replied you.