Laserbox does not cut well


I use the Laserbox to cut hardboard, Plywood and MDF of 3mm thickness.
The hardboard pieces have also a special coating for sublimation and they are made by Chromaluxe.
I use 99% power and 4% speed, however the Laserbox can’t cut it completely and if you see the material from the opossite side, it looks like perforated and not straight cut.

This is a problem and most of the times I have to throw away the cut pieces because they are not good.

I was wondering how much is the real output power and why this happens. I am very dissapointed from the results on the wooden materials.

On the contrary, it cuts very well acrylic and carton of up to 3mm.

Is there any way to fix this ?
Is it possible to use a bigger CO2 lamp ?


Hi Dbotsios, sorry for the late reply because of the vacation of Chinese New Year. For non-official material which we haven’t tested, we don’t have the best configuration of the output for that material. Personally, I would recommend you can add up the passes of the cutting little by little until the material is cut through. See picture as below: