LaserBox Connection Issues


Hi I belong to a facebook group that share ideas and issues and we have come across this and wish an Engineer to look at it and come up with a solution for each time we boot up the laserbox it is found successfully on our wirless LANS without having to search each time.

“Putting a static IP configuration assignment in my dhcp scope in my router based on the laserbox MAC address. The issue is the software on each boot is searching for the IP and not the host name. Therefore on reboots or firmware upgrades the dhcp scope may hand out a different IP. This info from a Cisco engineer… Work-around that has worked for me: under the dialog in the upper right. Click the “laserbox” drop down and click, “Scan device connected in LAN”. When the Laserbox and IP appear, click on it but wait a few seconds before clicking next. I’ve found if I click too quick, the process fails. I hope that helps.”

We believe if you added a way to manually enter network settings like any other peripheral this could be resolved.

This needs correcting so it is 100% found each time a laserbox is started up. We shouldn’t have to search to get it online. The solution is simple I am sure. Could we have some feedback on this so I may pass on to our Usergroup.

Many Thanks


Hi Snipah,

Thanks for sharing your idea. We will report this to product team for assessment…
On the other hand, you may try set the static IP address for laserbox machine on router’s configuration page with laserbox’s mac address (you should be able to check the machine mac address under the router’s connecting device list) and see if it works.


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