LaserBox Basic Photo


Is there directions to print a engrave a photo with Laserbox Basic fir The Xtool D1 on a piece of wood?

Everything i do it it takes over an hour and burns the hell out of the wood?

Any help would be great thank you in advance


Why don’t you trylaser engraving on wood ? There are mini cnc for home. Moreover, if you set it up correctly, you won’t burn anything. The important thing is to choose the right сnc machine. I’ve worked with different brands, but Wattsan won me over the most. They ask little money for such quality lasers. I haven’t met people, large companies, factories yet, who who would regret buying this laser machine.


You might want to invest in the air assist upgrade.

The rest is tuning - you may be simply cutting too slowly or with too much power. Do some test engraving.


Skip to about 16:00

Thanks for your time,


thank you ! sounds good.


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