Laserbox app - select a shape


I designed a key ring in Inkspace and saved it as an svg file.(for cutting red, for engraving blue or black) but when I import it into laserbox app it doesn’t work properly.

Besides,it is not possible to select the shape within another shape.laser1laser1

What am i missing?


Did you try any other pictures?
Will you send me the file so we can have a test?

#3 (15.4 KB)

you find the file at the attachment. I tried with some other pictures.

I am using windows 10 64 bit.


Hello hakanatas,
I’ve tested and checked with the software manager, this file was made in another software, once we loaded it to laserbox software which only detects it as one and same Layer, that is why cannot select the inner part separately. We will add Layer detection feature in the later version.
Currently if we draw picture in the laserbox software, we can select the inner part separately.


Thanks for quick response. We will look forward to layer detection feature.




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