Laserbox 1.1.6 update issues


Today a window update pop up for version 1.1.6 which I installed and at first it wouldn´t recognize materials that were not in the default list. I restarted the program, I still have problems in selecting the materials in the drop down menu and I am not able to download any file no matter the extension (dxf, svg, pdf).

I removed the software and downloaded it from the web page, did all the same steps and I encountered the same issues. I can´t use the laserbox.

I have Windows 10, 64 bits
Laserbox software 1.1.6
Machie Serial Number: P1030059190624000001
Machine working hours: 33.8 hours

How can I upload a mp4 video to show the issue?


Firmware upgrade and doesn't work

Hi there:

Please upload the video and provide more details about the problem,we’ll figure out solution for you as soon as possible.


How can I upload the video? It say the file not supported I have mp4



Hi there:

To be honest,if the material not in default list it should not be put into laserbox because it might cause accident and damage to the machine,but if you still want to engrave this material please select the similar material and change the power/speed and find a proper combination to engarve it.


I only use laserable material like acrylic and basswood. The thickness differ between providers so I have to add as new material for specific settings

I cannot import files, no files appears on artboard.

Do you have an email where I can send the mp4? Thanks



Please contact with,we’ll reply to you as quickly as possible,thankyou.


i’ve opened a similar topic yesterday because I’ve got exactly the same problems.

I don’t know how uninstall the update to have the version before, witch can use my Laserbox again !
I use only laserable material too (cardstock 2 mm and basswood) but I’ve spend time to calibrate the perfect settings and saved them


I did several tests and here are my conclusions …

  • the import which does not work when I put my personal settings first. if I switch to a machine setting (example 3 mm acrylic), I can import my .lq, .dxf, .svg as before.

but after that I can no longer change my material for my personal setting so it doesn’t suit me.

  • if I import files in the extensions mentioned above without first choosing my personal material but nothing at all instead, everything imports correctly. if I want to start cutting it does not work because I am told to “choose a material setting”

If I select my personal setting, we have the impression that the personal setting does not take place because we always have the indication “choose a material setting” but I notice that on my work the settings indicated on the right correspond to my personal setting and I can finally launch my job anyway and cut it with the good parameters (mine) …

it’s boring car it’s a blind manipulation and far-fetched but i’m finally getting a job …

while waiting for the bug to be corrected by the brand!


It seems like an accident about this version,emails from every country,you know,so please just wait patiently or restore to 1.1.5.


This update has been the most unable software to date


They have stopped pushing this version now you can update to 1.1.7 directly to fix the previous problem


hi the speed is only upto 80mm/s


ok thank u


I’ve download the lastest version, thank you.


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