Laserbot assembly instructions


I’m very excited to have received my LaserBot kit, but can’t find any assembly instructions/manual in the box. Are there any written instructions available online at all, please? I’ve found a youtube assembly video, but that’s it. Thanks!


Hi lotllamas,

The Laserbot doesn’t have written instructions. It only has the video with detailed step to guide the assembly.
Is there any problem to assemble it while you following the video?


Mostly I just find them a bit easier to go back to and refer to steps on, and wanted to check before I started assembling it, as it’s a complex project for me, and I want to make sure I’m fully prepared before I start assembly!


Hi lotllamas,

I understand it now. Sometimes, the written instruction is better. I will share your experience with our product manager, hopefully they consider more on the written instruction when they develop new products.